IAG Billing Software

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Introduction IAG Billing Software

If you own a small business, a wholesale business or a multi store and you are looking for a free billing software for your business or retail shop, your search ends here, because we have a FREE POS Billing software application to fulfill your needs.
We present you IAG Billing Software which is compatible with any Windows computer. It is the most reliable and user-friendly POS billing software which is easy to use from the setup installation to its usage and maintenance. IAG Billing Software has a great set of features which provide more benefits compared to traditional hand written billing system.

Some common features to save time and boost productivity:
✓ Add products with unique codes in terms of barcode, category groups, stock inventory and lot more
✓ Make a bill & get thermal receipt print with separate bill QR code within few seconds’
✓ Set multiple discounts on bills
✓ Use barcode scanning and receipt printer device and enable faster billing with barcode
✓ Short codes for quickly adding items, making bills, printing and sharing bills etc.
✓ Get daily sales report

How to use IAG Billing Software