Industrial Software Product & Tabs

Besides providing state of the art IT services, IAG Soft offers a large number of ready to install Software Products in Pakistan with many editions and releases of each of the product for a wide variety of industries, business and institutions.
Important products are as follows:
Pharma Server is the largest selling software product in Pakistan used by pharmaceutical distributions, supply chains and wholesale businesses. With more then 180 users all over the country it has proven its richness of reports, stability, ease of use and cost benefit ratio. Read More
A Complete ERP System that controls all the departments inside a textile mill (spinning unit). Starting from Cotton Bail Arrivals (purchase), it keeps record of Bails Stacking position, Issue of Bails and Remaining Stock. It also records Yarn production, Packing of yarn, sale of yarn and yarn stocks. This software has more then 100 reports, which gives 100% accurate picture of Factory Process Read More
Textile waste system is an independent module which is based on cotton issue to blow room, Receive of different wastes, Reissue of waste to blow room, waste yield, waste stocks, Sale of waste and more then 50 Reports. Read More
A major part of textile mill (spinning) is to sale their products (Yarn) to local and international markets. This software controls import and export contracts, Productions, delivery orders, Gate passes, Sale invoice, yarn stock and accounts. Read More
Multan is a very big market of power loom. Thousands of looms are weaving cloth, Bead Sheets, Kitchen Towels, Napkins, Shawls, etc. A major part of textile business is to sell their products in local and international market. Loom Server is specially designed in both Urdu and English Languages for this type of small and large industry. Loom Server is a complete ERP System that controls all the process from purchase of raw material to sale of finished goods. For example, yarn purchase... Read More
Solvent Plant Server is a complete ERP solution that is automatically connected with Head office and Factory area. Solvent Plant is based on Server module i.e. Finance, Purchase, Process, Sale, Inventory of spare parts (Optional), Attendance and Pay Roll. (Optional).
Solvent Server is rapidly going to be popular in Solvent plant industry in all over Pakistan from Karachi to Khaber because it is the only well designed software in the market that fulfills all needs of both Solvent Plant factory area and Head offices. Read More