Solvent Server

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Introduction Solvent Server

Solvent Plant Server is a complete ERP solution that is automatically connected with Head office and Factory area. Solvent Plant is based on Server module i.e. Finance, Purchase, Process, Sale, Inventory of spare parts (Optional), Attendance and Pay Roll. (Optional). Solvent Server is rapidly going to be popular in Solvent plant industry in all over Pakistan from Karachi to Khaber because it is the only well designed software in the market that fulfills all needs of both Solvent Plant factory area and Head offices. Solvent Server automates all processes of a Solvent Plant such as Arrivals, Purchases from Import and local markets, Production, and Sales, Bags stocks, Raw Material Stocks, oil stocks and all kind of financial tasks with latest double entry Accounting System. Solvent Server supports data entry on both ends i.e. Head office and factory Area.