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Besides providing state of the art IT services, IAG Soft offers a large number of ready to install Software Products in Pakistan with many editions and releases of each of the product for a wide variety of industries, business and institutions.
Important products are as follows:
APNA Accountant is a double entry accounting system in both English and Urdu languages. APNA Accountant is standard non-customizable software. APNA Accountant is for people who have their business and want to know that how much cash they will receive form the other parties or how much they will pay to other parties This software also tell them about there profit and loss by just one click their mouse button. With more then 40 reports, this software can provide all the necessary information to its user... Read More
Gasoline Server the most successful software to manage a fuel filling stations and related service centers. It is a comprehensive integrated Information System that not only makes easy to manage all day-to-day activities ranging from fuel filling to car wash and managing contracts and many other activities.
All the modules are integrated with state of art Business Accounting System that guarantees quick, comprehensive and fully updated stock and accounting reports on a single key click. Read More
Autometa is specially designed for 2S and 3S Automobile dealers and distributors who have repairing, maintenance and Service Departments. This software is also for those who sell spare parts. Read More
As the telecom sector is spreading its branches in all over the Pakistan. IAG Soft have designed the Cell Phone franchise control Software which controls and automates all the Franchise Records. As there are many Franchises such as Zong, Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone in the market, IAG Soft team designed the software that can easily manage the records of their franchise offices. This software controls the accounts, SIM stocks, Golden numbers, and their own office stocks, stocks at RSO, RSO sale, and collection and end users authentication i.e. (Name, id, Numbers etc). Read More
There are number of clearing companies which are providing services for import and export of products from one country to another country. This software provides a computerized accounting system, party contracts, their service bills and expenses done on behalf of party. It also provides supply register. Import and export register, party wise expenses summary, destination expense summary and shipping expenses summary... Read More