Gin Server (Available in English Only)

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Introduction Gin Server

GinServer is the leading software in ginning industry of Pakistan. From Hyderabad to Sahiwal, more than 300 cotton factories in more than 40 cities of Pakistan are successfully running and satisfied by this software. With 7 years of extensive experience of cotton industry software, IAG Soft has now developed the latest version of this product called GinServer XP. GinServer XP automates all of the process and jobs of the factory such as Arrivals, Weighing, Purchase of cotton, Ginning, Weight notes, Sales, Departures, Production in Oil Mill, Sales of all by-products of Oil Mill and especially all of your factory financial matters. By keeping record of Heaps, Bags, Stocks, Purchase and selling information, Brokerages and many other data it provides more than 100 reports based on recorded data. This beautiful and very easy to use software can be interfaced with electronic weighing scale to get automatic weight directly into a computer, which can be accessed by an unlimited number of computers in a network.