Industrial Software Product & Tabs

Besides providing state of the art IT services, IAG Soft offers a large number of ready to install Software Products in Pakistan with many editions and releases of each of the product for a wide variety of industries, business and institutions.
Important products are as follows:
GinServer is the leading software in ginning industry of Pakistan. From Hyderabad to Sahiwal, more than 300 cotton factories in more than 40 cities of Pakistan are successfully running and satisfied by this software. With 7 years of extensive experience of cotton industry software, IAG Soft has now developed the latest version of this product called GinServer XP. GinServer XP automates all of the process and jobs of the factory such as Arrivals, Weighing, Purchase of cotton, Ginning, Weight notes, Sales, Departures, Production in Oil Mill, Sales of all by-products of Oil Mill and especially all of your factory financial matters... Read More
Flour Server is a software product designed to automates process of a flour mill such as Arrivals, Purchase from Markets and purchase from food department, Production, Sales, Bags stocks, Commodities Stocks and all kind of accounting tasks with latest double entry transaction techniques but with ease of use.
Flour Server is highly customizable to users, where one can create unlimited number of commodities (Products), processes, bags types or bags classes, PR Centers of his own choice. In addition to this richness it is so user friendly that no one feels any difficulty to work with Flour Server... Read More
Rice Server is the first ever built software product in Pakistan designed to automate all processes of a Rice Mill such as Arrivals, Purchases, Production, Sales, Bags stock, Commodities Stocks and all kind of accounting tasks with latest double entry transaction techniques but with ease of use.
Although it is a new product but within a short period of time it has attracted many Rice Mill owners and managers and now they have a competitive edge over their competitors... Read More
Oil Server is ac accounts and Management Software for Oil Mills. Whether you are running a small oil mill unit or a large solvent plant, OilServer fulfills all the needs of managers of such Oil mills and plants. It helps to manage records of contracts, purchases, bags, production, sales, Account ledgers, Bank Ledgers, profits, balance sheets and trail balances. It is so easy to operate and strongly defined that people with a little knowledge of accounts and factory process, can control all the factory matters with it. Read More